Dealing With the COVID Delta Variant in Florida

Dealing With the COVID Delta Variant in Florida

Tampa Florida Janitorial services LLC provides preventative measures against delta variance in Tampa Florida as well as the entire state of Florida.

Tampa Florida Delta Variant Disinfecting Services

A lot of what we know about the COVID Delta Variant in Tampa FL and across America is preliminary, and based on reports from India and, the U.K., where it now accounts for more than ninety per cent of new cases. Four-fifths of British adults have received at least one shot of a covid-19 vaccine, and more than half are fully vaccinated—but the variant has spread widely enough among those who remain vulnerable to fuel a quadrupling of cases and a doubling of hospitalizations in the past month. The vast majority of Delta-variant cases seem to have occurred in adults under fifty, whose rates of vaccination remain lower than those of older people. Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the U.K.’s full reopening, originally scheduled for June 21st, would be postponed.

COVID Delta Variant Disinfection Services Tampa Florida

Contact us today at Florida Janitorial services LLC based in Tampa if your business or residential home needs disinfecting for COVID-19 or the new Covid delta variant.

For delta variant disinfecting services in Tampa or anywhere in Florida contact us. Call or text us at 888-379-3478

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